Precoated coil products offer significant cost-savings & quality improvements

RepliKote® is a line of premium-printed, pre-finished sheet metal products

RepliKote enables architects and designers to create stunningly realistic faux exteriors and interior product application surfaces, while offering significant advantages over other alternatives.

Creative Freedom, Unlimited Applications

If you can imagine it, you can express it — RepliKote enables designers to easily and convincingly emulate precious metal finishes, exotic woods, natural stone, or virtually any creative imagery. Building upon MSC’s 50+ years of experience and industry leadership in printed, pre-finished metal products, RepliKote’s unique manufacturing technology yields gorgeous pre-finished metals that are totally compatible with conventional fabrication techniques.

For architects and builders, the advantages of RepliKote open up a new world of affordable creativity. For metal fabricators, the durability and colorfastness of RepliKote’s custom finishing offer superb manufacturability during roll forming and stamp forming, with no need for special preparation or handling.

What does Replikote look like?

RepliKote is available in three natural series — Wood, Stone and Metal — as well as Image, a series that lets you print virtually anything you can visualize, including photographs and detailed artwork or patterns. Each series can be printed on your choice of metal substrate and custom finished with specific coating(s) to maximize the product’s appearance and performance in the application and environment specified by the end user.

Additionally, all RepliKote series can be treated with a selection of application-specific, high performance coating systems to maximize their performance and longevity as appropriate for exterior or interior environments.

Explore Replikote Features, Benefits & Series

Features & Benefits of Replikote

At a fraction of the cost of the natural building materials it emulates, RepliKote makes specifying exotic, expensive-looking finishes more viable by offering significantly extended product longevity, reduced installation weight and costs, and a maintenance free alternative.

Superior Consistency

By eliminating the inherent vagaries of color, pattern inconsistencies and blemishes that inevitably occur in natural materials, RepliKote reduces the variability of the overall look, facilitating a more predictable appearance to your finished installation.

Environmental Advantages

In addition to eliminating the environmental destruction incurred through the depletion of precious natural resources in mines, quarries and rainforest harvests, many RepliKote pre-finished metal products offer longer life cycles than the materials they replicate. All painting/coatings involved in RepliKote finishing are VOC efficient processes and are compatible with recycled metal content. Moreover, the final product is also recyclable. Solar reflective systems are also available and qualify for LEEDS credit.

Benefits to the Architect

Now, virtually anything architects can imagine can be visually reproduced with exceptional fidelity and authenticity on continuous coil metal substrates. Additionally, as RepliKote costs significantly less than natural materials, architects can now specify exotic finishes for projects with restricted budgets. These high performance products offer beautiful aesthetics and enhanced durability, along with reduced weight and lower cost of installation and maintenance.

Benefits to the Manufacturer

MSC has been a leading supplier of printed, pre-finished metal products for more than 50 years and is fully cognizant of the production requirements of metal fabricators. Ease of manufacturability was among the criteria used in developing RepliKote, to ensure compatibility with no need to alter standard fabrication production processes.