Laminates & Strippable Film

Film Laminates & Strippable Protective Films

Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) has the capability to apply various film laminates and strippable films that provide decorative and protective solutions at a low cost.

Decorative and functional steel and metal laminates processed by MSC can enhance the appearance, texture and durability of exposed metal surfaces for applications such as building products, architectural adornments, appliances, automotive products, consumer electronics and other applications.


MSC’s Film Lamination capabilities provide the consumer packaging market an effective alternative to meet their demands. MSC coil coating and film Lamination technologies have been supporting the packaging industry for over 60 years. Merchandisers appreciate MSC’s attention to detail and support from design to production to supply.



MSC ability to process Highly-Reflective film laminates that allow lighting fixtures to function more effectively by using less energy. Increasing the reflectivity performance of the metal with a film laminate compared with a painted surface results in a final product that meets the demanding requirements of the growing LED lighting market. MSC can apply a wide variety of high-reflectance coatings and laminated reflective films that are now being utilized in the highly competitive lighting industry.

The High Reflectance (HR) coatings and films that we apply to metal are most commonly used in lighting fixtures and decorative details in office buildings, retail spaces, educational institutions, hospitals, factories, government buildings and warehouses. These innovative materials are offered in White or Black & White strips on the metal of your choice. These coatings and films are available in a range of reflectance levels, from 82% to 98%.