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Elk Grove Village, Illinois

One of the most versatile steel processing Facilities in the country

Elk Grove Village, Illinois Facility

The Elk Grove Village, IL facility includes two coil processing lines (30” wide and  54″ wide)  combined with slitting, laminating, edge trimming and full coil inspection capabilities.

MSC Elk Grove Village (MSC EGV) is conveniently located in the Midwest near most of the major Steel Mills  and major transportation centers to ensure economical, timely delivery of processed products to customers around the world. With more than 60 years of experience participating in a wide variety of industries. MSC has an experienced workforce and very versatile coil coating and laminating capabilities, combined with a solid safety record, quality and environmental credentials including ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and RoHS compliance. MSC Elk Grove Village, is dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs. MSC EGV is the incredibly versatile supplier you’ve been looking for.

Complete In-House Processing Resources

  • Coil widths 4” to 54”
  • Coil thickness .006 – .110 (Steel), up to .135” (aluminum)
  • 12.5lbs/Lineal FT (Steel)
  • Max coil weight 30,000lbon 24” ID, 72” max OD
  • Pay-Off after 16/20/24″ ID coils
  • Inbound and outbound movement by truck or rail
  • In-Line Stitch
  • Pre-Clean
  • Tension Leveler

Pretreatment Coating Application

  • Foundation for Performance
  • Cleaned, Rinsed, Treated, Rinsed, and Sealed

Available Dry Flake / No-Rinse Process

  • Treatments vary by substrate
  • Chrome and chrome-free treatments and sealers available

Prime Coater

  • Roll applied – specific to application
  • Can apply two different coatings (1 top and 1 bottom) at the same time

Paint Cure Oven

  • Convectional heat recovery
  • Multiple zone control

Finish Coater

  • Roll Applied
  • Apply 1 side or 2 side coatings

Clear Coater

  • Additional coating
  • Top side only
  • Lamination / Paint Embossing
  • Decorative and Functional Laminating

Inspection and Rewind

  • Surface – two side inspection
  • Application specific lab testing
  • Interleaf available
  • Max 30,000lbs, 54”
  • .007-.090 (steel)
  • Allowed 16/20/24 pay-off/rewind
  • Minimum 3/8 edge trim
  • Interleaf/PSA/Strippable
  • Oiling available

Export Packaging

  • Skids
  • VCI Paper
  • Milkboard
  • Paper Wrap

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