Quiet Aluminum®

Quiet Aluminum, a Lightweight Damping Alternative to Aluminum panels that require mass intensive NVH treatments.

Quiet Aluminum is designed for mass conscious stamped aluminum applications while eliminating the need for add-on NVH treatments to eliminate panel resonances or damping. The use of an engineered viscoelastic layer, laminated between two sheets of aluminum, affords this damping solution the opportunity to meet application-specific goals such as noise reductions, operating temperature, stiffness and operating environment needs.

Quiet Aluminum is supplied as continuous coil or blanked sheets with a variety of coatings including but not limited to lubricants and coated coil pretreatments.

Quiet Aluminum Lightweight NVH Dampening Alternative Automotive Industry

Application Examples

Lightweight Aluminum for Automotive Applications

A primary challenge with Automotive NVH technologies is mass. Quiet Aluminum solves this problem by offering a weight-sensitive damping application for the automotive industry, including electric vehicles, fuel cell powered vehicles and heavy trucks.

Any component involving seat storage tubs, package trays, back panels, wheelhouses, front and mid-floor pans, cowl plenums and dash panels are all excellent candidates for Material Sciences Corporation’s Quiet Aluminum.