Quiet SteeL®

Quiet Steel Sets a New Standard in Low-mass, Low-cost, High Performance Sounds Damping Steel

Components stamped from Quiet Steel dramatically reduce or completely eliminate the cost and weight of PCL, mastics foams, and other automotive sound deadening materials. This innovative proven product provides noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) management. By reducing the added mass of add-on NVH solutions, OEMs can meet today’s tougher CAFÉ standards without sacrificing sound quality.
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Quiet Steel NVH Sounds Dampening Steel Automotive Industry

Quiet Steel provides a real solution when it comes to freight, handling, warehousing, assembly line stocking and installation labor typically required with other automotive materials and processes.


Application Examples

Sound Damping Steel Solution

Quiet Steel is an engineered laminate that can be easily integrated into the vehicle body structure with stamped, welded, e-coated methods. Reduce sound, cost and mass with this innovative solution.

NVH Automotive Application

Quiet Steel automotive applications provides dramatic performance advantage to OEMs. By eliminating the need for add-on NVH materials, Quiet Steel reduces weight and cost while improving acoustics and recyclability. With the growing demands for increased fuel efficiency at a lower cost, Quiet Steel is the right NVH solution for your next platform.