Value Added Processing

We own and operate state-of-the-art equipment capable of processing metal from .0075 to .110. Our experience, coupled with our expertise, allows our facilities to supply high quality steel and aluminum to the industry’s most exacting standards.

Processed products can be supplied with stretch wrap and vapor inhibitors to protect your products throughout their life cycle. Capacities are based upon on all of our equipment available. For more information, please contact us today.

Explore Value Added Processing Services

Cut To Length

We can supply bare or painted cut to length sheets in various packaging options. Material can also be leveled and edge trimmed providing you exceptional quality. For more information on how we can satisfy your requirements, please contact us today.


Our painted material can be embossed off line and supplied with a stucco or leather grain pattern.


We operate modern precision coil slitters capable of slitting steel 4” to 76” wide with a range of .007” to .090” for steel and .010” to .160” for aluminum. Our precision slitters enable us to satisfy your most critical applications and tolerances. We are recognized for our proficiency in slitting laminated and painted metals. For more information on how we can optimize your customer experience, please contact us.


We can apply temporary protective strippable films to your coated coil product.  These films provide a barrier from scratches, dirt and tool marks during handling, transportation, storage, forming and assembly.  These films can be easily removed and can be applied to most metals.

Tension Leveling

We have tension leveling equipment installed on many of our lines. The tension leveling production process improves the flatness and shape of all materials. Tension leveling is integral to ensuring quality and a uniform deposition of paint from edge to edge across the strip. For more information, please contact us today.