Consumer Products

MSC Delivers coated, painted & laminated materials for decorative & functional applications

Consumer Products

Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions for consumer products manufacturers.  With over 65 years of providing quality coated coiled steel & aluminum, with a multitude of coatings, pre-treatments, strippable films, embossing and laminations, MSC has supported manufacturers of consumer products in multiple markets including, appliances, bakeware, consumer electronics and container packaging.

MSC’s continued investment in technology ensures that we will remain the industry leader in cutting edge products and solutions based technology.


Coated Painted Laminated Materials For Consumer Appliances


Coated Painted Laminated Materials For Consumer Bakeware

Consumer Electronics

Coated Painted Laminated Materials For Consumer Electronics

Containers & Packaging

Coated Painted Laminated Materials For Consumer Containers And Packaging



Consumer Driven – Manufacturer Preferred Materials

As with any market, consumer preference is most important. That is especially true in the Appliances industry. High standards for: appearance, service life and above all, quiet operations build brand loyalty and repeat business.

Manufacturers require materials that enable them to build this brand loyalty at lower cost, while improving their manufacturing processes. MSC’s Laminates meet the task. Premium materials and add-on treatments represent add-on costs while often creating manufacturing and assembly issues. MSC offers a better alternative with a series of unique material solutions that offer premium appearance without premium cost and damp annoying noise and vibration directly at the source.

MSC Deco Steel®, a laminate consisting of a thin stainless steel surface, a vibration-damping viscoelastic core, and a cold-rolled steel or electrogalvanized substrate gives consumers a real stainless exterior with integral sound damping, and manufacturers a less costly solution for both appearance and NVH performance.

Quiet Steel® is a unique Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) damping material that utilizes an engineered viscoelastic layer laminated between two sheets of steel to meet application-specific damping, temperature, stiffness and operating environment needs. Quiet Steel is used in the appliances industry for structural and functional components including motor mounts, “knock pads”, and dryer drums. It can be supplied with an ElectroBrite® faux-stainless surface or galvanized on one or both sides for corrosion resistance.


Solutions for the Bakeware Industry

The Bakeware industry has developed products that create several challenges for material suppliers.  MSC has perfected a pre-coated metal coil system that is “MADE IN THE USA” to meet this challenge.

When trying to achieve durable and consistent sprayed-on, non-stick coatings with complex contours, material suppliers must rise to the occasion.  MSC offers a cost-efficient alternative in the form of pre-coated metal coils that are ready for final forming into your products, eliminating the time and labor required for post-coating finished products.

Coated Coil Materials Offer A Number Of Benefits To The Bakeware Industry:
  • Resistance to rust – Coil coating provides uniform coverage and adhesion across the entire surface, eliminating the voids in corners and rolled edges that sometimes occur with sprayed finishes that may be prone to rust.
  • Uniform coating and color – Coil coating is applied evenly across the metal which eliminates drip marks and discoloration blotches associated with other application methods.
  • Resistance to abrasion and denting – coated coil non-stick finishes have been shown to be much more durable than spray-coated finishes, which are subject to brittleness and are prone to cracking.
  • Flexibility – Coil coating permits easy flexibility for changes in color, type and quality level of the non-stick finish desired.

MSC is a certified applicator of DuPont Silverstone®, Whitford Xylan® and ILAG non-stick coatings to steel, aluminum, aluminized steel and tin-free steel (TFS). Using repeatable and controllable application processes, MSC can deliver pre-coated coils with consistent color, thickness and texture to support bakeware manufacturing operations anywhere in the world.

Consumer Electronics

Consumers today are much attuned to operating noise of their electronic devices, both in their office and living room. Fans, hard drives and other components must meet consumer expectations that will ultimately translate into perceived value and brand loyalty.

Quiet Steel® is a proven alternative to add-on sound deadening materials that can add both manufacturing and assembly cost and the potential for contamination in sensitive electronic environments.

Typical Quiet Steel consumer electronic applications include:

  • Motor mounts
  • Fan shrouds and enclosures
  • Attachment clips
  • DASD cages
  • Servers
  • Telecommunication racks
  • Computer cases and enclosures
  • Hard drives covers

For example, in head-to-head testing, Quiet Steel hard drive covers provide a 9 dBa improvement over solid covers and a 2 to 3 dBa improvement over add-on treatments. Moreover, they eliminate 16 manufacturing steps required to apply the add-on treatment generating additional cost savings.

MSC solutions can also address thermal issues by eliminating the need for foam noise absorbers and creating integral heat sinks by replacing steel with laminated structures including highly-conductive aluminum, copper or brass. With more than 30 different Quiet Steel core systems available, MSC can engineer an optimal noise and vibration solution for virtually any consumer electronic application.

MSC provides a comprehensive CAD/CAE enhanced design, application engineering, prototyping, and component production capability to support customers in the consumer electronics market. Finally, Quiet Steel can be supplied in a broad range of colors and finishes, including our unique range of electrogalvanized faux-stainless materials.

Containers & Packaging

With 50 plus years of experience, MSC intimately understands  the Container & Packaging Industry. Evolving shapes and designs demand an experienced material supplier to meet your growing needs. MSC’s Coil coating and film lamination technologies are highly developed and provide a total solution for your container and Packaging requirements.

Printing requirements are more demanding than ever. This is why top packaging companies rely on MSC to work with them to provide reliable sources for a variety of performance driven materials.

We have experience in coating a multitude of packaging materials, supporting the recyclability of the products.


MSC’s coatings have proven valuable in the Munitions industry for several years. These specialized coatings stand up to the challenging demands of small to medium sized munitions by withstanding the heat and lubricity characteristics required.

Combined with our state-of-the-art research and development center in Canton MI, MSC’s engineers work hand and hand with our customer’s product development personnel to ensure that the most effective coating and substrate steels are developed.

As in any Consumer Market, the customer is looking for ammunition that is cost effective and without defect. MSC is pioneering new coatings and processes that provide cost-effective alternatives to historical munitions coated material options.

Sample Applications
  • Small Ammunition: Specifically Coated Steel for Small Ammunition Applications
  • Sustainability: Coated Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Corrosion Protection & Control: Corrosion Protection & Control: Corrosion Protective Coating, Paints, Laminated Films, Electrogalvanizing and Zi-Ni
  • High Strength Steel: High Strength Steel: Advance High Strength Steel Coatings
MSC’s Munitions Specialized Coatings
  • EG/Acrylic
  • Zi-Ni
  • Unique Polymer
  • High Temperature Paint Coatings
  • Including specialized coatings in collaboration with our customers