Walbridge, Ohio

The most technologically sophisticated & versatile processing line in the world

Walbridge, Ohio Facility

Material Sciences Corporation’s (MSC’s) state-of-the-art plant in Walbridge, Ohio has the capacity to deliver exactly the multi processed steel you want and need. Our 72” wide production line has vast processing capabilities for steel and aluminum coils. Additionally, we have 2 separate off-line processing lines including a 72” wide multi-cut slitter and 74” wide edge trim/critical exposed two-sided inspection line. MSC Walbridge is the only U.S. producer of Zi-Ni electrogalvanized steel which is used in demanding corrosion applications in automotive fuel systems. MSC Walbridge is the only U.S. producer that can provide wide width capability for zinc plating, chemical treatments, primers & topcoats and dry lubes all in one pass through the production line resulting in higher material yields and lower logistical costs. MSC Walbridge is also equipped to apply special pretreatments to 5000 and 6000 series aluminum coils required to meet stringent automotive surface preparation requirements. The steel and aluminum you need, the coating you want, MSC Walbridge is the supplier you’ve been looking for.

Plating & Coatings

  • Pure zinc Electrogalvanized plating including one-sided, two-sided, or differential coatings
  • Zi-Ni Electrogalvanized plating, including two-sided or differential coating for automotive fuel systems
  • Aluminum pretreatments (OEM Approved)
  • Brushing Electrogalvanized and Zi-Ni surface resulting in “faux” stainless steel appearances
  • Pre-paint primers and topcoat systems
  • Anti-finger print coating
  • Dried-in-place phosphates
  • Zinc phosphate coatings
  • Zinc-rich weldable coatings
  • Dry-film lubricants
  • Cognex automatic inspection system
  • Electrostatic oiling

Specialty Products

  • Quiet Steel® metal-to-metal laminates (steel)
  • Smart Steel® light weight metal-to-metal laminates (steel)
  • Quiet Aluminum® metal-to-metal laminates (aluminum)

Off-line Processing

  • 72” wide multi-slitter with packaging line
  • 74” wide edge trim/critical exposed 2 side inspection
  • Electrostatic oiling (2-sided)


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