MSC’s Metal Technologies and Research Center

Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) is a premier U.S. based solutions focused company. MSC’s research and development center is located at our World Headquarters in Canton, MI. This is where we perform engineering, research, and testing of highly engineered application-based solutions for industrial and commercial customers. We realize that being innovative and successful in the global marketplace requires collaboration with our customers and team members.

Located in the heart of the automotive industry, the TS16949-registered Canton Lab offers MSC customers a complete suite of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing capabilities, including experimental, computer aided engineering (CAE) and materials engineering expertise. The Canton facility also contains an education center to provide training in NVH fundamentals, MSC products and applications, Bruel & Kjaer University courses, and a variety of customer support curriculum.

Full Anechoic Chamber Used for Testing Sound Transmission Loss

Material Sciences Corporation is home to one of the few facilities in North America that can mimic environmental conditions inside of an anechoic chamber. This video offers an inside look at MSC’s Application Research Center, where sound transmission loss testing is used to determine the source of noise and where to apply MSC’s acoustic noise treatments, such as Quiet Steel® or MSC Smart Steel®.

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Anechoic Chamber Sound Transmission Loss Testing

Sound Transmission Loss (STL) Testing

This video demonstrates how Material Sciences Corporation measures Sound Transmission Loss in the reverb chamber. In this demonstration, MSC not only proves the performance advantage to customers, but the mass and cost savings as well. MSC's ability to support customers with Sound Transmission Loss tests is just one of the many ways in which they work to provide superior, innovative solutions.

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Anechoic Sound Transmission Loss STL Testing Material Sciences Corporation

Application Research Center for Coating and Acoustic Product Solutions

Material Sciences Corporation’s Application Research Center serves as one of the world’s premier material development innovation centers. Given the size of these chambers and the ease of vehicle access, many well-known cars have been tested in this very facility prior to their premiere. This application testing facility is just one of the many reasons that, after 60 years, Material Sciences Corporation remains a worldwide leader in developing coating and acoustic product solutions.

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Application Research Center Material Sciences Corporation

Bond Strength Testing in Laminates at the MSC Laboratory

Materials Sciences Corporation is the expert in engineering laminates for many environmental conditions. MSC uses the Stage Gate process to engineer new products to meet specific customer applications, ranging from automotive body structures to electronic devices. This video demonstrates how MSC quantifies the bond strength of a typical laminate component.

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Laminate Component Bond Strength Testing Material Sciences

Chassis Dynamometer for Vehicle Acoustic Testing and Noise Performance

Material Sciences Corporation is home to one of the few climate and humidity-controlled four wheel drive chassis dynamometers in the country. Located inside of a hemi-anechoic chamber, this facility offers the unique capability to test running vehicles in a highly controlled environment. As a result, MSC's solutions are optimized for system noise performance as well as cost and weight savings.

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Vehicle Acoustic Testing Hemi-Anechoic Chamber Chassis Dynamometer

Environmental Laboratory for Laminates & Coated Products Testing

MSC’s Environmental Laboratory in the Application Research Center is the key to developing sustainable laminates and coated products. This laboratory is used to evaluate the performance of various products following exposure to harsh corrosive environments. This is an essential process that allows MSC to optimize a product to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

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Environmental Labratory Capabilities Material Sciences Corporation

Quiet Steel® Is the Technology Behind the Quietest Pickup on the Market

Ford wants its customers to know they offer the quietest cabin on the market, and they do this by using Material Sciences Corporation Quiet Steel. Unlike other trucks, Ford utilizes Quiet Steel in the truck’s bulkhead to dampen sound. Watch this video to hear the difference for yourself.

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Material Sciences Quiet Steel Dampen Sound Ford Vehicle

Quiet Steel® Used to Appeal to Consumer Quality Perception

Ford knows that the investment in Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) is the key to appealing to customer satisfaction and quality perception. If you don’t properly treat your vehicle, the noise will get through. This is why Ford chose to “buy quiet” with Material Sciences Quiet Steel.

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Material Sciences Quiet Steel Dampen Sound Vehicle Dash Panel

Quiet Steel® – the Sound of Quality

Ford endorses MSC Quiet Steel in this advertisement for the Ford F-150, asserting that the use of Quiet Steel makes Ford the only truck to offer “the sound of quality.” By incorporating Quiet Steel into their vehicles, Ford delivers the quietest pickup on the market, earning them the 2004 Motor Trend Truck of the Year Award.

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Quiet Steel - Ford Quietest Pickup Motor Trend Truck of the Year Award

Get Inside a Quiet Steel® Vehicle

You could have a vehicle that uses that same steel as every other truck, or you could have a truck that uses Material Sciences Quiet Steel. To truly understand the difference, we invite you to get inside the Ford F-150 and compare the sound inside the cabin to that of a regular vehicle.

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Quiet Steel Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Ford F-150 Vehicle

What Is Quiet Steel®?

Simply put, Quiet Steel is a plastic material placed between pieces of sheet metal used to reduce noise and vibration. In this demonstration, consumers and vehicle manufacturers can hear for themselves the dampening technology used in Quiet Steel to reduce the noise inside the cabin of a vehicle. Watch as the demonstrator puts two floor panels to the test – it’s clear to hear which vehicle is using Quiet Steel to reduce Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH).

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Quiet Steel Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Ford Vehicle