Deco Steel®

Deco Steel provides Stainless Steel Performance with the option of significantly less mass and/or reduced cost when compared with monolithic stainless steel.

From a cost saving perspective  Deco Steel is a laminate consisting of a thin stainless steel  metal skin, a structural  core and a cold-rolled steel or electrogalvanized backer substrate that provides  consumers a composite that offers all of the exterior performance of real stainless exterior but at a much lower cost than a full monolithic stainless steel substrate.

Deco Steel Stainless Steel Laminate Dish Washer

Deco Steel also creates a new benchmark in mass reduction without losing performance to help meet CAFÉ Standards while virtually “eliminating” corrosion–related warranty issues. This revolutionary process bonds a thin layer of stainless steel to a thicker aluminum backer that provides the ultimate low-cost, lightweight and corrosion resistance material for your customers demanding environments.

Application Examples

Automotive Stainless Steel Solution

Deco Steel vehicle bumpers, have been produced  with a 42% reduction in mass from traditional monolithic stainless practices, without compromising component performance or customer quality expectations. Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) has developed a Deco Steel product designed for bumpers that bonds a thin layer of 304stainless steel to a thicker 5052 H32 aluminum backer using a proprietary polymer to create a durable formable laminate at a fraction of the mass.

As a result of our proprietary bonding process, the highly-polished stainless layer is only 12.5% of the total thickness, the thinnest cladding available in the industry today. You get all the performance and visual benefits of stainless, at dramatically lower cost. As an MSC – engineered composite, it can be optimized to provide unique noise and vibrations advantages, similar to our revolutionary Quiet Steel®.

Consumer Applications

MSC’s Deco Steel is integrated into products like Appliances and Elevator panels. These are just a couple of markets where Deco Steel is a low cost, high performance alternative to solid stainless steel components where corrosion protection is required.