MagnaDamp, Your Localized NVH Damping Solution Made Easy

MagnaDamp is a highly cost-effective magnetic constrained layered product that adds both damping and stiffness to any flat, ferritic based materials.  As a result of MagnaDamp’s excellent performance, typical coverage area is a fraction of that required to achieve similar performance with typical baked on mastics or liquid deadener.

MagnaDamp Noise Vibration Harshness NVH File Cabinet

MagnaDamp requires no welding and is ergonomically easy to install and re-position if required. Simply apply the magnetic MagnaDamp material in the desired location, even on an inverted surface, and process the metal part through any normal e-coat and paint cycle.  This heat cycle results in forming a permanent bond to the base part, MagnaDamp is truly a breakthrough in Localized Metal Noise and Vibration Damping solutions.

Application Examples

Automotive and Appliance Vibration Damping

MagnaDamp eliminates or shifts troublesome resonances commonly observed in vehicle’s flat parts like roof panels, door outers and quarter panels.

Cost-Reduction & Other Advantages

MagnaDamp can also be applied and held in place by its magnetic layer without further processing, making it ideal for field fixes and other post-assembly applications. By eliminating welding and other costs associated with patch-constrained layer (PCL) products, MagnaDamp can reduce both capital expenses and assembly labor costs.