Replikote® Stone Series

Whether you're looking to capture the vibrant colors of Arabian granite, or the classic majesty of travertine marble, the RepliKote Stone Series makes it both practical and affordable.

Prefinished Metals – Stone Series

Although appearance is of prime importance, it’s not just about looks. With RepliKote, you capture all the beauty of exotic stone, but none of the drawbacks — such as expensive installation costs, susceptibility to staining, color inconsistencies and variability of appearance. RepliKote also significantly reduces the weight, cost and waste of installation, while eliminating the expense of periodic chemical cleaning; in fact, RepliKote is virtually maintenance free.

In environmental terms, RepliKote eliminates the detrimental effects of mining non-renewable stone deposits, while greatly improving product recyclability.

Replikote Stone Series Gallery

Although natural stone occurs in thousands of colors and patterns, RepliKote prefinished metals can emulate virtually any of them.

Why Choose Replikote?

These premium products allow architects and designers to create stunningly realistic faux exteriors and interior product application surfaces with many advantages vs. alternatives.

Reduced Weight

RepliKote products weigh significantly less than the natural products they emulate and other available alternatives which reduces installation costs.

Ease of Installation

Reduced weights of RepliKote system panels makes installation of fascia/cladding easier, faster and more viable than natural products and other alternatives.