Replikote® Metal Series

Whether You're Looking To Replicate The Look Of Stainless Steel, Aged Copper, Zinc, Bronze, Or Any Other Metal And Finish, RepliKote Makes It Easy.

Prefinished Metals – Metal Series

Achieving the desired aesthetic result is controllable and permanent, with a consistent appearance over the entire installation. Unlike the unpredictable blotching and non-uniform, short-term oxidation inherent with exterior metal claddings, RepliKote images won’t show their age.

RepliKote also simplifies installation and virtually eliminates other deleterious effects of exposure and weather, ensuring the fascia maintains the visual integrity of its original design. RepliKote is easy to clean, and its protective coatings make it resistant to fingerprints, so the surface keeps on looking new, even up close.

In addition to delivering substantial weight reduction vs. competitive alternatives, RepliKote also offers cost savings in materials, installation and maintenance. Like all RepliKote, the Metal Series production includes an ultra efficient paint application process and optimal control of VOCs throughout the line.

Replikote Metal Series Gallery

From stainless steel, to the classic matte look of antique copper with a slight patina, to the ageless look of brushed zinc, the RepliKote Metal Series offers it all.

Why Choose Replikote?

These premium products allow architects and designers to create stunningly realistic faux exteriors and interior product application surfaces with many advantages vs. alternatives.

Lower Cost

At a fraction of the cost of natural materials it replaces, RepliKote makes expensive looking surfaces more viable and more affordable.

Less Maintenance

Unlike natural surfaces, advanced coatings technologies make RepliKote products much less susceptible to visual degradation by the elements.