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Burr Ridge, IL

Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) headquartered in Canton, Michigan, USA is a globally diverse company that combines technology, engineering and services.

With over 60 years of successful operations, our surface treatment lines, NVH noise reduction product lines and one of the largest electroforming services in the world (all based in the USA) support our global initiatives.

We provide innovative solutions to our customers in a wide range of vertical markets. Our NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) product line is extremely advanced and recognized by allowing us to provide our automotive customers with an alternative material that dampens sounds and ensures cost savings.

One of the registered trademarks of MSC, Quiet Steel, drastically reduces or eliminates the cost and weight of alternative products for noise reduction (PCL patch-constrained layer) such as mastics foams and barriers. Quiet Steel is a consolidated product in the management of NVH issues. By incrementally reducing the weight of added materials for NVH solutions, OEMs can achieve ever-increasing fuel consumption standards without sacrificing quality. Quiet Steel offers a reduction in labor costs, related to the transport, handling, storage and assembly in line of PCL materials, typically required in classic solutions.

MSC has gained a global reputation as a leader and developer of acoustics and coatings solutions and has established sales offices in key countries to support its global customers. MSC in Italy is also present in the port of Salerno with a warehouse to provide “Just in time” products.

We invite you to contact our office to find out more about how MSC can help you bring your products and services to the market.


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