Premium sheet metal product replicates wood, stone and metallics, offering affordable creativity to manufacturers, architects, builders, designers and end-use customers


Canton, MI – Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) announces that the company is expanding the reach of its RepliKote decorative metals. A specialty line of prefinished coils or sheets that emulate exotic metals, stone, wood and designer patterns is stylish, durable and environmentally sensitive, RepliKote can be shaped, by conventional methods, into stunningly realistic exterior and interior panels, partitions, casework, furniture, equipment and appliances. Produced at MSC facilities in Toronto, Ontario, and Elk Grove Village, Illinois, RepliKote materials yield significant cost savings and quality improvements across multiple manufacturing, architectural, construction and design segments.

“We’re especially proud of the environmental properties of RepliKote,” said Michael Noble, chief commercial officer of Material Sciences Corporation, noting that MSC has always been in the forefront of steel- and aluminum-based coated and laminated materials. “Given resource depletion and the destruction associated with mines, quarries and rainforest harvests, our RepliKote systems emulate exotic finishes that are actually more consistent in appearance and performance than precious, and rapidly diminishing, natural substances.

“Anything that can be imagined, we can reproduce on steel or aluminum,” Mr. Noble continued. “For example, this year we offer a new faux stainless steel finish. As an alternative to the real thing, our product can replace more expensive materials on exposed surfaces of commercial washers and dryers, thereby avoiding the high cost and inherent negatives of stainless, like fingerprinting. Small-scale appliances – dormitory refrigerators, microwave ovens and RV food preparation devices – are another great application. That’s also true of vending machines and fountain drink dispensers. On a larger scale, elevator manufacturers are looking at several RepliKote applications, including woodgrains and textures for cab walls and faux stainless for doors.”

Citing a popular new look for homes, apartments and condos, Mr. Noble indicated that “industrial chic” walls, shelving, cabinets, even furnishings, can be easily accomplished with RepliKote. “Even residential entry doors can feature a wide range of weather-resistant RepliKote designer colors on the outside, with a choice of painted, woodgrain or metallic finishes on the interior surface. The fact is, we’re expanding the potential of this innovative product every single day.”

The availability of three natural series emulating wood, stone and metal opens up a new world of creative, cost-effective options to manufacturers, architects, builders and designers. Further expanding possibilities is the image line, which prints artwork, patterns, photographs and more on a choice of metal substrates. All RepliKote materials can be custom finished with specific coatings to maximize longevity and functionality.

According to Mr. Noble, exposing RepliKote to new customers in developing markets is fundamental to the company’s expansion strategy. “That starts with our new website section exploring properties and advantages at Sales penetration in North America is already strong, and new vertical markets and applications are being pursued aggressively.

“Given the beautiful aesthetics and inherent advantages of RepliKote, as well as our unrivaled capacity to produce and ship to almost anywhere in the world, we see an exciting and profitable future for this important, one-of-a-kind prefinished metal material.”

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